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Glanworth GAA
Injury Benefit Scheme


This page is for information purposes only.  It does not form any contract and does not purport to deal with all aspects of the GAA Scheme or to be a  legal interpretation of the scheme.
Entitlement to benefits will be determined by the administrators by reference to the full text of the scheme.

The GAA webpage on Injury Benefit can be accessed by clicking here.

Please note:

The maximum payment for a medical claim is €4,500

The first €100 of each and every claim is excluded.

Physiotherapy is not covered.

Hurling claims are covered only if the player is wearing a helmet with a faceguard and which carries the CE mark.
This applies to official and challenge games and training sessions.

A copy of the Referee's Report must accompany each claim.

Claims must be reported within 60 days.

The player's membership number must be confirmed in the claim.

All football players  must wear gumshields.
This applies to official and challenge games and training sessions.

All Notification/Registration of injuries must now be made on line through the Club Secretary.
All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Click here for Club Manual



Lifetime disability benefit - wheelchair for life -
Payable in addition to any other benefit




Permanent total disablement from gainful employment


Loss of sight


Permanent partial loss of sight

Up to €100,000

Loss of Limb/s


Complete & incurable paralysis


A scale of benefits applies for other
specified disabilities to a maximum of




Adult (or married youth)






Unrecoverable medical expenses to maximum of
(first €100 of each and every claim is not covered)


Physiotherapy/sport massage etc. no longer covered




Unrecoverable dental expenses to maximum of
(first €100 of each and every claim is not covered)




Stay in hospital in excess of 10 consecutive days to a
Maximum of 15 days - paid per day




Applicable to adults & youths in full-time employment. Unrecoverable loss of basic/net wages (excluding overtime/bonuses/unsociable working hours etc) to a maximum of:
Week 1                                                                                                                      
Weeks 2-4 - up to:                                                                                                    
Weeks 5-52- up to:





Adult teams

€1000 per team

Under 21 teams

€450per team


€200 per team,
Max €1,200
club or unit


Policy on Player Injury
Summary of Injury Scheme

All Players are expected to arrange payment of their own medical expenses.
The club no longer pays for or subsidises injury costs incurred in games or in training.


GAA Players Injury Scheme

Claim Procedure

Check List


       Inform Club Secretary


       Collect Receipts


       Collect three recent payslips   (if claiming for loss of earnings)


       Complete claim form fully and accurately


       Post claim on time


    Keep a record/copy of all correspondence/communication with the insurers


     Respond to Administrators’ queries

1. Glanworth GAA Club pays compulsory affiliation and Players' Injury Scheme fees at the beginning of each year. In any one year these costs can amount to over €5000.

2. The Players' Injury Scheme is intended to pay supplementary compensation for medical expenses, hospitalisation, dental expenses, loss of earnings and permanent disability.

3. There are important restrictions in each case: 

·         Medical expenses not covered by a medical card or not recoverable from other insurers such as VHI etc. will be paid up to a maximum of €4,500. The first €100 of each and every claim is not paid.

 ·         Hospitalisation costs are paid only when the period in hospital exceeds 10 days and then @ €400/day to a maximum of 15 days.

 ·         Dental expenses have the same restrictions as medical expenses.

 ·         Loss of Basic wages is compensated for up to a maximum of €200 (weeks 2 - 4) or €400 (weeks 5 - 52), less Social Welfare entitlements or in-house sick-pay benefits, per week for a maximum of 52 weeks. The first week is excluded.

 4. The procedure for making a claim is as follows:

 ·         The Administrators must receive a completed  Claim Form (Section A) within 60 days of the date of injury.


The fully completed Claim Form should be forwarded when all supporting documentation is to hand.

 ·         This Claim Form must be accompanied by  three recent payslips in the case of a claim for loss of wages and receipts in the case of medical/dental/hospital expenses.

 ·         The Claim Form must be filled by the claimant at Section B if self-employed.

 ·         Section C of the Claim Form must be completed by the employer and at Section D a Social Welfare Office if applicable.

 ·         Section E must be completed by the player's doctor/dentist and signed at Section F by both the player and the Club Secretary.

 ·         The completed Claim Form must then be forwarded to Pαirc Uν Chaoimh to be signed by the County Board Secretary who then forwards it to the Administrators.

 5. Players should note that:

 ·         Players should not assume that private or semi-private hospital accommodation will be covered.

 ·         The administrators will only make payment on foot of receipts received. They will ignore invoices and bills.

 ·         It is the player's responsibility to collect all relevant documentation.

 ·         The Club Officers will provide help in completing the forms and obtaining the referee's report.

 ·         If subsequently requested by the administrators, players should reply to all queries promptly.

 ·         No payments will be made on account except in the case of long term loss of wages when such payments may be made. In such cases Continuation Forms will have to be completed by the player.

 ·         Pay-outs are made directly to the County Board which then passes them on to the club to be forwarded to the player.

 6. Players should read the official leaflet published by the Scheme Administrators, Willis, and available from the club and familiarise themselves with the details of the scheme.

 7. All players, but especially those who are self-employed, are advised to take out private personal accident insurance.

 8. Injured players should only return to training and competition when given the all-clear by their doctor. Returning to active duty prematurely may lead to refusal by the Administrators to pay out for a subsequent related injury.

 9. It will be assumed that players training with the club and putting themselves forward for team selection are familiar with the Players' Injury Scheme and the Club Policy on Player Injury.

 10. Players should inform the Club Insurance Officer as soon as possible if they are likely to be out of work for more than a week because of injury and/or if medical expenses are likely to exceed €100.

 11. The completed claim must be posted by the claimant.

 12. This scheme also applies to referees, umpires, linesmen, voluntary coaches, team managers, selectors, official party members and other members under certain conditions.

When seeking attention for an injury the medical services should be informed of the injured party’s cover status if he is covered by a medical card, VHI or any other scheme.